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The five items you should not store in a container include; hazardous and toxic materials. While this may seem obvious, there are several items you may not realise are hazardous, including – explosives and weaponry, radioactive materials, perishable goods, and living things.

Damp items cause water damage, mould and mildew. Storing items that haven’t been properly cleaned and dried will leave your belongings vulnerable to damage. Dirt left on your belongings can easily cause scratches or leave a film if left on for to long. Mould is caused by moisture. Before storing a mattress, be sure to thoroughly clean it. Use upholstery cleaner on the actual mattress and then vacuum both sides. Spray your furniture with a good quality non-water based furniture spray before storing. Leave the doors slightly ajar once in store to stop condensation forming and help ward off bad odours. Drain washing machines before storing them. Our storage containers are coated with a special anti-condensation coating on the ceiling. They are also thermally insulated. Which helps absorb moisture and keep the container at a constant temperature. 

It is best to speak with our team to determine the exact size of container you will need. We have outlined some general sizes here.  

If you are looking for these services alongside our storage facilities, let us know, we can assist both persons and businesses with these elements. 

In addition to the location of the storage facility, the price will also depend upon the length of stay, size of storage unit and replacement value of your items, (insurance level required), call for more information.

We can offer periods as short as 2 weeks. 

The price you are quoted for storage will be the price to pay. Your goods will need to be insured while on-site. 

We will invoice you on a four weekly basis, payable in advance. We ask for fourteen days notice when you no longer require storage, we will refund any unused storage charges. 

No, we will invoice you on a four weekly basis, payable in advance. 

You can move in on the same day, (during office hours), you make your enquiry. This is providing you have all the correct documentation needed to complete and sign your terms and conditions. Two forms of ID are required, a passport or driver’s licence alongside a utility bill less than three months old are required. The first invoice must also be paid prior to moving in. 

Yes, however, you must inform us this is the case, and receive our permission. The individual will also have to provide ID.  

If you come during standard hours, this is fine. If, however, you come out of hours, prior notice must be given. 

No, we will provide you with a padlock, as well as a coded storage box on site, where you can leave your key between visits to ensure it is never lost or forgotten. 

Yes, commercial products can be stored, as long as they adhere to our terms and conditions. 

We provide, 24 hour security, CCTV protection, guard dogs, and a fully alarmed system with direct links to both the police and fire service.

Yes, we can provide help with storing, packing, and management. We even have a checklist we can supply our customers with and inform them of best practice to make sure their domestic or commercial storage runs as smoothly as possible.

Our warehouse is specially designed. It still uses containerised storage. However, this option will allow you to minimise handling, keeping your goods clean, dry and secure in any weather. 

We offer everything you will need from boxes, tape, bubble wrap, blankets, and special covers for mattresses and furniture to avoid damage during storage and moving.

Yes, you can choose to store a range of vehicles with us including bikes, cars, trailers, boats, commercial vehicles, and more.

Yes, we can determine the level of storage you require, and provide a quotation.

Yes, our storage containers are airtight. 

2 weeks is required, please see our T&C’s for further details. 

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