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We offer different sizes of storage containers to suit the needs of our customers. Our storage containers are coated with a special anti-condensation coating on the ceiling. They are also thermally insulated, which helps to absorb moisture and keep the container at a constant temperature. This means that any belongings being stored are not going to be experiencing extreme heat or cold as they would in a normal shipping container. Further to this, your container will be positioned in our secure yard under the watch of our CCTV system. We even have indoor as well as outdoor storage options. If you would like more information, then please get in touch.

Your Storage Requirements

We offer more than just space. We can help you with the entire management of your storage. From letting you know how much space you will need, packing materials, and best practice. Generally speaking, you will need the following sized storage areas for the following sized homes.

  • Shed/Garage – Storage space needed; 250 cubic feet.
  • 1 bedroom property – Storage space needed; 750 cubic feet.
  • 2 bedroom property – Storage space needed; 1000 cubic feet.
  • 3 bedroom property – Storage space needed; 1500 cubic feet.
  • 4 bedroom property – Storage space needed; 2000 cubic feet.


What Size storage Do I Need?

(Interative Excel Spreadsheet)

Storage Container Sizes

Mover Box
8ft x 5ft x 7ft container
(250 cu ft/7.1 m3)

Can hold approx 60 boxes

10' Container
10ft x 7ft x 8ft container
(500 cu ft/14.2 m3)

Can hold approx 120 boxes

20' Container
20ft x 7ft x 8ft container
(1000 cu 3ft/28.3 m3)

Can hold approx 240 boxes

The Household Moving Checklist

By following the steps below, you will be able to sort out your belongings in the most efficient manner.


Find out how much space you will need. Consider van hire or removal companies if required. We can arrange this for you.


Start by going through and clearing garages/attics before moving onto your main rooms.


By selling what you can, you may even make enough money for the process to pay for itself. Any unwanted items that cannot be sold should be recycled or thrown away.


Pack anything you rarely use first. This will go in the vehicle last, and therefore the storage unit first. This then subsequently allows the boxes you want easy access to go in the vehicle first and therefore unit last, meaning they are easy to access. Remember to label boxes, and remove any personal documents such as birth certificates, passports, cash, personal jewellery, and other high value goods, these are best kept with you.


Confirm any removals and storage have been booked before proceeding.

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